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Olivia trummer Fly Now Project

Olivia Trummer - For several years Olivia Trummer has been dividing her career between Berlin and New York City. Born and raised in Stuttgart in a highly musical environment, the composer, vocalist and pianist has developed an artistic spirit and voice all her own. Experiencing one of Olivia’s live performances can be truly addictive because of the ability of her music to touch the heart of every single audience member. It doesn't need more than one of Olivia’s piano chords to soothe the bustle of a New York City café and capture people's attention.

Her fingers are dancing on the keyboard, creating rhythms and melodies that harmonise with the sound of her crystal clear voice. A golden thread is formed comprising philosophical elements that blend into her artistic universe, her compositions, her lyrics, the sound of her voice and her sensitive touch on the piano. Music, lyrics, drawings - Olivia uses several channels to express herself and communicate her ideas and visions to an audience. As a result you'll find in Olivia an extraordinary artist who has unfolded her art over the years, or, to put it alternatively, over a discography of four albums.

Carried on the thermals of life's wings, Olivia has settled back into the heart of Europe and into the vibrating and creative atmosphere of Berlin. Olivia’s travel luggage? - Her fifth album Fly Now.

Fly Now is rooted in an energetic force field blending lyrical jazz with singer-songwriter crafts. It is contemporary vocal jazz with strong melodies and poignant rhythms. Recorded in New York with an excellent quartet formation of Obed Calvaire on drums Matt Penman on double bass and Kurt Rosenwinkel as a special guest on electric guitar, the intensity of the metropolis is contained in every single note. Nevertheless, Olivia also managed to leave the boisterousness associated with a city like New York behind and marries the urban nuances with her visions of vastness, openness and contemplation as if viewing from an eagle's perspective.

The album, written with English lyrics contains original compositions throughout - nine new songs retrospective of Olivia’s time spent in New York. "Since 2012, I have been traveling to NYC again and again for several weeks at a time. During my stays I soaked up everything like a sponge and I discovered a new side of me - very confident, very deliberate. Some of the most intense and exciting times of my life that made me fledge."

The result is a musical and literal kaleidoscope that appeals directly to the listener's heart. This is evidenced in the wonderful synergies that appear when Kurt Rosenwinkel dives into the driving harmonies of Sharing My Heart. With his bluesy distorted sound he is setting out for abstract melodic peaks while Olivia builds up a hypnotic vocal choir.

Gotta Miss Someone is an example of Olivia’s rhythmic artistry, obviously inspiring her master sidemen to take it to the next level of syncopated finesse. Meter changes and rhythmic remarks are meanwhile illustrating the human dilemma of constantly reaching out for more - love being no exception...

What a treasured moment it would be if, as in Precious Silence, everything seems to move in the right direction: Approaching one's heartfelt wish for peace and contentment, carried by a feeling of love and trust - and a single, repetitive note.

The title song of the album Fly Now, allows Olivia to display her virtuosity as both a composer and a deliverer of ballads. The song represents a deep insight into the musician's mind and illustrates the album's main theme. Olivia’s thoughts about the compositional process of her song: "It was like a vision that came into my mind - obviously connected to my personal situation and of such clarity that I could complete the lyrics within 30 minutes: A man awakes from a dream on a mountain peak. He faces the choice to either explore the sky above or to find his way back to where he came from. By choosing the unknown and yet fascinating direction of the sky's openness he experiences his ability to expand and grow beyond his own longing.”

As an artist, Olivia obviously knows where she is going. Looking through the list of her awards and her performances it is hard to believe that it is the résumé of a 29-year-old musician. She has been awarded with the national prize of " Jugend musiziert " no less than five times. She has received scholarships from the "Arts Foundation of Baden-Württemberg" and the "Bruno Frey Foundation" in 2010 and from the German Academic Exchange Service in 2009. Olivia won the 2nd prize at the International Piano Competition "Palma D'Oro" in Italy 2008. Since Fall 2013, Olivia Trummer is the "stArt" jazz artist of Bayer Kultur in Leverkusen whose generous support has enabled her to produce her new album Fly Now. Her skills as a jazz and classical pianist, vocalist and composer have lead her to perform on stages like Carnegie Hall and The Jazz Standard in New York, Konzerthaus and Porgy & Bess in Vienna, Pizza Express Live, Soho in London, The National Concert Hall in Dublin, "Le Baiser Salé" in Paris, as well as Schloss Elmau and Konzerthaus in Berlin, Laeisz Halle in Hamburg and many festivals in Germany and abroad.

After being described as a "rising star" of the European jazz scene Olivia joyfully spreads her wings: Carried by creative energy, creative desires and playfulness her new album Fly Now displays a new dimension of Olivia Trummer’s artistic potential.