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C2J Classical To Jazz

C2J is a project with Olivia Trummer in collaboration with the Swiss vibraphone player Jean–Lou Treboux. The name of the project simply derives from Classical to Jazz. Trummer has taken music by Bach, Mozart and Scarlatti and tastefully created jazz inspired arrangements of the selected pieces. A recording project, "C2J One", sponsored by Bayer Kultur has been produced to coincide with the touring project.

Trummer and Treboux have already thrilled Classical and Jazz audiences alike with their unique musical style and spirited performances when they appeared at the Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele and Fränkischer Sommer in 2014 and Magdeburger Domfestspiele in 2015.

C2J is a musical project Olivia Trummer was always going to make. Having achieved international success as a jazz pianist, singer and songwriter Trummer now embraces her rich Classical upbringing, her early exposure to Classical music and her experience as a Classical piano soloist. Now for the first time both sides of this fascinating young artist come together in this exciting project.

Her informative years as a young child were spent learning music by ear; there were no charts, no musical notation, just listening. In her musical paradise that consisted purely of sounds, intuition and taste it seemed like a short hop from Mozart to Stevie Wonder, from Debussy to Bill Evans, from Bach to The Beatles. It was Trummer’s intuitive understanding of music that allowed her to develop her own unique style of composing and arranging.

C2J allows Trummer to follow her sense of adventure, her appetite for improvisation and her determination not to accept the norm. With her ability to re-shape and find new meaning in the music Trummer has produced wonderful arrangements and intricate patterns. The new compositions invite virtuosity and sophisticated improvisational skills - a welcome challenge for an extraordinary duo!

With Treboux, Trummer finds a willing partner, a soul mate, a perfect collaborator. He is a true Jazz improviser and his musicality allows Trummer to write with a freedom guaranteed to be matched by Treboux's playing. Tastefully using his instrumental virtuosity he surprises and inspires Trummer with his instinctive and creative way of approaching her arrangements. Above all, it is the duo's vivid and playful interaction that brings the music to life. With their diverse musical perspectives, C2J shows that, in music, complexity and beauty can be a perfect marriage.